Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WEEK 10 Results + update news

10 Games down and now Div 1 and 2 will be entering into the unknown..

Yes... Neutral Venue Time starts on Feb 3rd.
A kindly reminder for you to start checking out with the pub venues and with each other, just in case any re-arrangements have to be made.
see below for all the contact numbers and the codes for each pub

All the latest results and tables can be found on the relevant pages on this Blog.

And Paul is getting the Singles and Doubles knock-out contest sorted...
The Brewers Arms has been identified as the venue. Stay tuned for further information

 And just for some added interest.. we're going to be keeping an eye out for this South American 'Toad in the Hole Contest' this year. It claims to be a traditional Peruvian Pub Game!!.
Anyone interested in an expedition later in the year, get in contact with Toad HQ.
Link for more info.

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