Friday, 24 January 2014

Its Catch-Up Monday.. and Knock Out Semi Final announcement

Commonly noted as 'replays' on the fixture list whilst in fact its Mondays set aside for matches that haven't even been played...
So... it's 'Catch-Up' Monday next week:
DCC V Chalk Pit
Rammit In V Long Man Toadholers
Div 2
Trevor Arms V Laughing Toads

The Semi Finals for the Knock Out Cup... on Monday 10th February
DCC V Chalk Pit - Played at Volunteer

Rodmell V Brewers Arms  - Played at the Laughing Fish

Usual arrangements for captains to confirm all business.

We have also had confirmation that Ben (DCC) completed a 16 toad finish last Monday....
Scoring 15 toads down the hole and one on top, to be (we think) the second person to have achieved this in the history of the league... unless you know different.

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