Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Toad tweets

Any toad fans can also use the Twitter handle @LewesTITH to post results, comments, pictures or almost anything else toad related.....

Thursday, 11 October 2018

And they're off

All contacts and the first week's results and stats are now available for all to see! Great shock not to see Rodmell on top. Mind you, they haven't played yet.......

I'm still learning the ropes with this blog, so bear with me and any (helpful!) comments welcome



Tuesday, 20 March 2018

FINALS NIGHT - Monday 8th April

Hi everyone,

It's closing in on that time of year again. Finals Night is as you know on Monday 9th April. This year it will be at the Abergavenny in the fine village of Rodmell, source of so much toad ability. Be there for an 8pm start. And there will be a raffle!


can you tell me if your team is coming and how many veggies you have (or any other dietary need)?

please bring a raffle prize.

And a message from Dave: can last years winners take trophies to Dec at the Black Horse by 26th March. That's ASBO's final league match so Dave can pick them up in one trip.



Match 13 - 12th March

Laughing Fish A v Bye1
Long Man TH 6 v Stand Up Comics 1
Black Horse 7 v Blacksmiths Arms 0
Royal Toads 4 v Rodmell 3 Played 10/3

Black Swans v Snowdrop Played 26/2
Brewers 5 v Royal Oak 2
Plough Puddocks v Bye2
Lindfield Lobbers 4 v Nellies 3

Happy Haddocks 3 v British Queen 4
Cacklebury Kings v Bye3
Volunteer 2 v Black Barbarians 5
ASBO 2 v Laughing Fish C 5

Match 12 - 19th February

Bye1 v Royal Toads
Rodmell 4 v Black Horse 3
Blacksmiths Arms 2 v Long Man TH 5
Stand Up Comics 3 v Laughing Fish A 4

Snowdrop v Lindfield Lobbers Post 26/3
Nellies 3 v Plough Puddocks 4
Bye2 v Brewers
Royal Oak 3 v Black Swans 4

Catchup played 12/2/18
British Queen 7 v Volunteer 0
British Queen 4 v ASBO 3
LaughingFishC 7 v Volunteer 0
Black Barbarians v Cacklebury Kings No result
Bye3 v Happy Haddocks

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Match 11 - 5th February


Stand Up Comics v Bye1
Laughing Fish A 5 v Blacksmiths Arms 2
Long Man TH 2 v Rodmell 5
Black Horse 2 v Royal Toads 5


Royal Oak v Snowdrop Post 26\2
Black Swans v Bye2
Brewers 3 v Nellies 4
Plough Puddocks 4 v Lindfield Lobbers 3


Bye3 v British Queen
Happy Haddocks 1 v Black Barbarians 6
Cacklebury Kings 3 v Laughing Fish C 4
Volunteer 4 v ASBO 3