Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Quarter Final results

A thoroughly gripping evening of Quarter Final activity across the region last night as the eight teams dissolved into 4 teams...
Results as follows
Trevor 2 v Brewers 5  
(it was all over after the 4 singles games, but the Trevor were determined to make an impact... and almost did)
Rodmell 5 v Ram 2    
(Mike reported that "Ram had a great game against a taste rodmollian side... hit 13 8's 5 each mike and Charles dan and stu hitting 3, they hit about 10.)                             
Snowdrop 2 v DCC 5 
(playing on the Ram table, the DCC just had the edge on the Snowdrop lads
Chalk Pit 4 v LMT 1  
(seems like someone had a bus to catch in this match after only 5 games...)

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