Monday, 12 November 2012

Singles Tournament - about to get started

The Singles Tournament is about to get rolling on Monday 3rd December

Divided into 2 groups in 2 different venues...
Play to start at
order of play to be arranged on the night 

Laughing Fish  
C Whiteing V J Miles

Paul Hill V Andy Foat

D Jones V A Masters

Robin (Longman) V P White

J Edeki  V T Newman

M Brown V M Lawlor 

Sid (Longman) V L Dennes

T Walker V Dec Rowell           


G Beedie V Phil (longman)

S Jones V G Kaye

S Dodd V P Woolven

J Roche V D Rannie

B Ward V S Mcbrown 

Harry (Longman) V S Sexton

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