Thursday, 8 November 2012

New Toads on the Block!

Much has been happening at Toad HQ in the last week.
Unfortunately the Gardeners Arms team have had to withdraw their involvement in this seasons games. We're sorry that their availability for Monday night was causing such anguish and hope they can rally a revive team for the next season...

However.. it just so happens that there's been some interest from a new team who wanted to join the league. Originally the plan was to set them off on the next season, but the Committee have been deep in discussion and have offered them the opportunity to take the place of the Gardeners Arms.
So... welcome to Team Abergavenny who will be playing out of the Abergavenny Arms in Rodmell.
There'll be some catching up with games that had been missed by the Gardeners as well as arranging to re-play matches against HMI and The Volunteer. Apologies for any distress and inconvenience this might cause to those teams.
Team Abergavenny will be taking the place of The Gardeners in the knock out cup and will be playing at the Snowdrop on 19th November at the Snowdrop.
The fixture list is being updated and been circulated via emails to captains, as well as updated on this blog page.

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