Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Latest from the Toad HQ

Well done guys, another set of results in under 24hrs!!! That's the good news.

The bad news is both for members of the Volunteer and for Laughing Fish B. First for Terry and Paul from the Volunteer, I'm afraid that with the withdrawal of the Gardeners, I'm afraid your 8s disappear, (although the Abergavenny has yielded its first 8, so there's hope for you yet).

Secondly, the Fish B failed to turn up last night, admitting they were operating on the original list, that was published in early September, which gave them a bye last night. Come on, guys, we've sent out 3 new versions since then!!!!! (and on the blog. ed.) Well at least 2, when we added both the Bucks and now Team Abergavenny. They have therefore accepted the penalty of 5 points deducted, and hope to play the real game soon, (let us know when).

So we attach the usual results, eights, and league AND another list of fixtures for any teams not sure when they're supposed to be playing.

Enjoy the cup next week, and I'll see some of you at the Volunteer for the singles and the rest of you for the Party.


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