Monday, 25 September 2017

Here we go again!

Thanks to some sterling last-minute work by Declan, we think we have 21 teams and so we can go ahead with 3 leagues of 7 teams, which will include a bye in each league every week, but give us breathing space to have some replay dates and still finish Mid-April.

With DCC and LWMC dropping out, and Cacklebury Kings (Hailsham), Happy Haddocks (Isfield) and Black Barbarians (Black Horse B) joining us, the leagues will be as follows

League 1 Rodmell, Royal Toads, Black Horse, Long Man TH, Laughing Fish A, Stand Up Comics and Blacksmiths Arms

League 2 Lindfield Lobbers, Plough Puddocks, Brewers, Snowdrop, Nellies, Black Swan and Royal Oak

League 3 Laughing Fish C, British Queen, ASBO, Volunteer, Cacklebury Kings, Happy Haddocks and Black Barbarians

All teams get 12 league matches. If you look at the fixture sheet and see that several members of your team are on holiday for a match, ring/email the opposing captain to move the match to another date, either one of the replay dates or another convenient day. THEN TELL ME!

Similarly, all the above teams are entered into the draw from the first round of the Toad Cup, plus any non-league teams, or any teams splitting just for the Cup, if you let me know by 20:00 on Monday 9th October. The draw for the first round will come out with the results that week.

Please have another look at the Rules, especially the new ones about throwing order and what happens if teams turn up without their full complement.

Finally, a brief call for teams of 4 to play at the Eastbourne Beer Festival on Thursday, 5th October. The organisers nearly pulled it, but relented under pressure and have restricted it to 8 teams, (free entry, free glass, one free drink per person). Please reply to me at, first come, first chosen.

I attach the fixtures list, the contacts list and the most recent rules. We look forward to seeing you all through the year, especially the Happy Haddocks, our first opponents.

2017 - 2018 fixtures list is available to view HERE

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