Tuesday, 5 September 2017

AGM 2017 summary

Morning All,

Here are the notes from the AGM as I remember them.

13 teams took the opportunity to enter then and there. The rest of you have until Monday 18th Sep. If you can't get the form and money to us, get it to Declan at the Black Horse by 8pm Monday, where the Committee will meet.

Happy Haddocks (Laughing Fish), ASBO, British Queen, Long Man Toadholers, Rodmell, Stand Up Comics, Cacklebury Kings (Hailsham), Black Horse, Blacksmiths Arms, Royal Oak, Royal Toads, Plough Puddocks, Brewers.

Cheers Dave


AGM 2017

After a welcome from Gregor (Chair), he just asked the Teams if there were any new teams around, because last year there had been too many games as we only had 2 leagues. He gave apologies from Neil Finney and Chrissie (Vol)

2. Minutes of previous meeting were to be covered in Rules alterations

3. Election of Officers, as all officers were happy to continue and no one else was dissatisfied, all were return unopposed.

4. Fixtures Secretary report. Dave agreed that last year’s timetable was too crowded but unavoidable. He thanked those teams who reported promptly, and said that those who didn’t delayed him sending out the full results to everyone, and while the occasional failure was understandable, there were still some regular offenders, so this year, after a reminder, the rules allowed for points deduction!!!!! Be warned!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please copy him into any emails about date changes.

5. Treasurer’s report. Sally reported that we had £273.92 in the bank and £17.80 petty cash and promptly bought everyone attending the AGM a drink. She recommended that Subs would remain at £20 a year.

6. Competition Sec report. Ben had only been able to attend the Singles which he felt had worked very well by using Bingo balls, (the completion, that is, not him not being at the Doubles!) and hoped that this year there would be a date spare for the Doubles not to be on Finals night

7. Rules alterations (Committee) Things were going so well, then . . . . . . .

1 Formalisation of who goes first in matches.

After much discussion(!) it was decided, (I think), that:

All games are best of three legs. The Home team would always name their player(s) first. There would then be a toss of a coin (or similar fair method), the winner to decide in which leg to go first. Players go first in alternate legs. The third leg need not be played if it is 2-0. If it is 1-1, another toss will be made for the final leg.

In Cup matches, there will an initial toss of the coin before the Singles matches to decide who will name their player first, with subsequent games alternating, and again before the Doubles and Team, if required.

2 Formalisation of what happens if teams arrive incomplete.

Again, after discussion, it was decided that teams turning up with a minimum of 4 players, for whatever reason, should play all matches, as if the missing person(s) was scoring 0! So, with 3 turning up, 3 singles matches would be played, the 4th one conceded (although it could be played as a friendly for the 4th player, who would chose his/her opponent but no 8s would count for that person). After the first doubles, the second doubles would be 2 against 1, with the 1 only getting 1 throw in a round, (eg a3, b3, a4, -, a3, b3, a4, -, etc, ie 2 throws against 1). Similarly in the team game, with 4 against 3, throw a1, b1, a2, b2, a3, b3, a4, a1, etc.

We’ll try it and see. If teams fail to turn up, they will be warned of future points deduction AND the games will still be expected to be played.

3 Change in rules for promotion

After a short discussion, it was decided to keep the current system, with games being counted before matches for League order.

9. Any other business

Everyone was talked out, so after thanks to the Committee and Andy and his staff at the Laughing Fish, we went home, tired and emotional!!!

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