Friday, 7 March 2014

Only 2 more match weeks to go

There's been a minor glitch at Toad HQ and apologies for a lack of immediate reporting on all matters Toads... Been able to find an alternative method of giving a quick update blog until normal service is resumed next week.
It seems that The Ram and Chalk Pit had a good fun filled evening at the Sussex Ox last Monday (thanks Mike for the quick report on Facebook).
If there's any other feedback from the neutral venues, please email to Dave when you report the results. Some venues have been expressing feedback as to how hospitality has been going down with teams. It a 2 way process.

Our fixtures man is keen to here about any rearranged matches and has provided the following info 



6  18-11

                       Div2  HMI v Brewers    10/3


Div1 ChalkP v DCC                                          


Div1 Elephant v Rammit In


                       Div2 Brewers Arms  v Snowdrop    

                                                       Div3  STC v ASBO 24/3

                                       Stand-up Comics v Strugglers 31/3                                                                                                              


Div1 Elephant v DCC  31/3  

                       Div2 Trevor Arms v Laughing T  10/3






Those reported in red are requiring some serious attention, but may have already been sorted by the time this report is published.

Until the next time.... Farewell.

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