Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Singles Contest - Exclusive Special Report

Always a pleasant evening at the fish and big thanks to Andy for stepping in to host when the Brewers were unable to do it.  The competition was tight all night.  

Big names fell early with the last two years' champions going out in the first two rounds, both at the hands of the Rodmell boys.  In fact it looked a lot like it was going to be Rodmell all the way and a Rodmell v rodmell final. 
But by the semis only Wayne was still standing.  It was Wayne against Jon a fellow 3rd divisioner from the Stand up Inn in the first semi and an all 1st division clash in the other  Andy DCC vs Reg from the Elly.  
Tight games and a 5 turn finish from Reg set up the final Jon vs Reg, stand up Inn vs Elly, 3rd division vs 1st.  
On the basis of what we saw on the night - it'll be very close.

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