Friday, 5 April 2013

Knock-out Cup - Latest Information (rather alot actually)

We've received instructions from John Wardle (Chairperson) (with portfolio)... here at Toad HQ
Please read and inwardly digest and take note of his new email address.
There are two Mondays available for replays, namely Mon 15th April & Mon 13th May (possibly 3 if you count Mon 27th May but this is a Bank Holiday & not really available). 
So the 2 matches are the Chalk Pit v Long Man at Elephant & Castle & Lindfield Lobbers v Rammit Inn at the Laughing Fish. I am aware Chalk Pit are playing a league catch up match v Laughing Toads on 13th May & although Andy at Laughing Fish was willing to host 2 matches on the same night it would be even harder for Chalk Pit to be playing 2 matches on the same night.
So I am suggesting Mon 15th April as the date for the Semi Finals Matches, though I am also aware that Lindfield Lobbers & Rammit Inn might possibly be arranging to play on another date. I do not have a problem with teams re-arranging any matches to different days or dates but it is the various teams’ responsibility to check & confirm that the venues are able to host the rearranged matches. 
I have also been asked to select the 5 Toad tables I would like to have at Finals Night at the Abergavenny Arms on Mon 3rd June but in the interests of maintaining a neutral stance & trying not to show any preferences, I have therefore decided to let the first 5 teams who contact me bring tables for the night.
Lastly another reminder about my new e-mail address -

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