Thursday, 28 March 2013


The latest results have been computed into the tables and are now on display on the relevant pages here....
The Eights Contest is getting tight in Div 1 with Matt (Ram) Andy F (Long Man) and Tim (DCC) all joint leaders with 7 x 8's
Meanwhile in Div 2 Jake (Aber) leads with 5 x 8's closely followed by Billy B (Sweeny), Wayne ((Aber) and Paul (HMI) all with 4 x 8's.

More News is that the Bucks Team will be remaining at the Swan Inn, Lewes until the end of the season, so can the Nellies (8th April match) and Sweeney Toads (29th April) please note the change of venue for the Bucks home matches against them.

Finally, there's much concern at Toad HQ that the outstanding matches may not get completed by the end of the season. So please please can you keep everyone informed of any postponed matches, and be as flexible as possible and wherever necessary/possible look at alternative days other than Monday.

Have a Good Easter, and look forward to seeing as many teams as are entering into the World Championships on Wednesday 17th April in Lewes Town Hall.

And remember to put your clocks forward this weekend.... just 1 hour!!!

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