Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Cup Round 1 results - 23rd October

Round 1:

Bat and Ball 4 v Black Barbarians ?
DCC 5 v Long Man TH 2
ASBO 3 v Royal Oak 4
Nellies 0 v Cacklebury Kings 4
Happy Haddocks 3 v Plough Puddocks 4
Blacksmiths Arms 0 v Rodmell 7
Laughing Fish C 0 v Black Horse 4

There should have been 7 matches last night for the Cup round 1, 2 were not played due to impossible circumstances.

It should be the same as for League matches; that if you can't play, you rearrange, or turn up with substitutes or with only 3 players. 2 pubs were left with no match and may have had food prepared. So, the following teams, (last night's winners and those who got thro with a bye) WILL have a match on Monday 4th December. Gregor will send out details later this week. It is then up to Captains to contact the neutral pubs and/or their opponents if they can't make it. Thanks.

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