Wednesday, 21 September 2016

2016 AGM minutes


Representatives from ASBO, Black Horse, Blacksmiths Arms, British Queen, DCC, Fish A, LWMC, Lindfield Lobbers, Long Man Toaders, Nellies, Plough, Royal Oak, Royal Toads and Snowdrop

1.         Johnny Wardle, outgoing Chairman, started the meeting by resigning formally. He was thanked by the meeting for his efforts over the last 5 years.

1a       Apologies were received from members of the Laughing Fish A team. Also, the Horny Lodgers announced that they could no longer enter a team or a venue.

2.         Minutes of previous meeting had been available on line and before the meeting. Members had no further comments after they were reassured that the matter of expulsions had been satisfactorily concluded.

3.         Election of Officers   - Gregor Beedie (Nellies) was appointed Chairperson, Declan Rowell (Black Horse) was appointed Vice Chair, Neil Finney (Lindfield Lobbers) was appointed as Toad Development/New Teams Officer, all unanimously.        Dave Rannie (ASBO) continues as Fixtures Secretary, Sally Rannie (ASBO) continues as Membership Secretary/Treasurer, Ben Ward (DCC) continues as Competition Secretary and Tim Coates (Laughing Fish A) continues as Webmaster.

            As part of the election of Officers, members were reminded why the committee might need more bodies. Also, discussion was held about how the new Development Officer might attract new teams.

4.         Fixtures Secretary report Thanked everyone for the improved promptness of their reporting, but asked everyone to make sure their team names were on their reply. The Committee would meet on Monday, 19th September after all entry forms were in, and so the full fixture list will be out by the following weekend. The first match of the season would be on Monday, 3rd October. When asked about team Cup fixtures, it was explained that they were picked randomly from a blindly selected week. The answer either satisfied or further confused the meeting.

5.         Treasurer’s report (all figures approx., see attached sheet) Said we had £285 at the beginning of the 2115-16 season, £440 had been received in Subs and £120 in the Xmas party raffle. £104 had been spent on 2015 AGM drinks, £266 on Xmas party food and drink, £100 on Finals night food, £125 on Trophy engraving, leaving us with a balance of £305. We also held £18 in petty cash. Treasurer and Fixtures Secs thanked by members.

6.         Competition Sec report. Said that Singles and Doubles worked much better when randomly drawn on the night (Bingo Balls) and suggested that we might try a random bounty scheme as prizes on the night(!). Discussion of the venues suggested that more pubs might feel that they could host these events – contact Ben Ward.

7.         8s Issues       Ben Ward suggested that the Eights competition was unfair on teams who had an easier table as everyone else scored on theirs but they couldn’t. After a lot of discussion, it was agreed that teams would be able to claim home eights once in a season, and this season we would try that it would be for everyone’s last home match, meaning that the last match of the season, everyone would be able to score 8s (or not).

8.         4th Toad Rule Ben Ward asked whether a player who needed 4 for their last throw and who threw 5 was allowed to try to knock the one on the table off with their last toad. After discussion, and accepting that it was a very rare situation, the members narrowly voted -
If a player busts but still has a spare toad, s/he can throw the last toad to lower their score.
 Let us know if the situation arises and what happens.

9.         Any other business Graham (Snowdrop) asked about teams turning up incomplete. The Rules say that the match should go ahead with Captains trying to get as many games played as possible. Each team organises the order of their own players, and missing players are replaced with players chosen by the opposition, but the results don’t necessarily count in the match – so teams with 3 players can score for 3 singles and a doubles, but the 4th singles, 2nd doubles and team are friendlies unless the home captain agrees otherwise. We’re there to play Toads after all!

Similarly, some teams had not allowed time for visiting teams to practise with the Match toads. The AGM felt that all teams need time on the table to be used with the relevant toads
Please let the Committee know if any issues relating to these items of AOB need addressing.

Meeting closed at 21:20 Thanks to the Royal Oak for their hospitality.

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