Thursday, 22 January 2015

Neutral Venues - Clarification

just in from Toad HQ... a point of clarification from Chairperson John...

Following a couple of recent e-mails from members of the Toad League expressing dissatisfaction/unhappiness with the arrangements regarding a couple of the knockout matches can I write to clarify the situation for all with regard to Cup & Plate Knock Out competitions played at neutral venues.

Firstly – It is imperative the Captains of the two teams drawn in any knock out matches contact each other to ensure they have a team available to play on the date given and during this contact between the 2 Captains they will need to decide if they wish for food to be provided during the match.

Secondly – Contact then needs to be made with the neutral venue at least a week in advance of the match to ensure the Toad Table is available to play on the night & that the venue has no other activity/event occurring which could prevent the match being played. At this time captains should ensure the neutral venue is made aware if any refreshments are required or not.

(Please Note: A match being played at a neutral venue is NOT confirmed as happening until the 2 captains have been in contact with the venue concerned).

Lastly- As this is not a league fixture involving a home team at the venue, it is NOT to be expected that food will be provided free of charge by the neutral venue & that a charge maybe made for any refreshments required.

(Also of Note: there are some league teams that have to pay for food at their home venues even for league fixture games so it is not a ‘given’ that refreshments are provided for free).

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