Thursday, 16 October 2014

Teams of Few Words it seems?

A message sent out this week from the fixture secretary...
"And what a pleasant set of emails from the 2 teams currently in lowest place in the league, both enthusing about their evening, 'played in the true spirit of pub games' - why don't you all say that????"
In addition to this.... he adds some additional requests....

"talking of what should be in your messages, can you PLEASE say which team you are sending from, as we're having to rely on phone nos, which takes extra time"
So, after 3 weeks, we have a runaway leader in each league, although they are all catchable over the next weeks. The Prelim round of the Cup is next week - 6 matches all played at neutral venues throughout the league's pubs. Results as normal, please, and then we can sort out the 1st round proper as soon as possible.

Finally, can Plough Puddocks and Strugglers sort out the replay date for their Wk 2 replay and let me know as soon as possible."

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