Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A special Scenario to ponder

After a top initial week and results being reported in record time, the results for week 2 matches have been heading into HQ and the tables are starting to get interesting.

We've had reported a scenario that occurred last night between the DCC and Chalk Pit where a player required 4 points to win the game. The player has 4 toads to score his points.
The first toad scores 2 points (down the hole)
the second toad teetered on the edge of the hole scoring 1 point.
The third toad lands near the edge of the table creating vibration for the second toad to fall into the hole, but the third toad remains on the table.... at this point the score is 5 points (has he busted?)
or... should the fourth toad be allowed to be thrown in order to knock the third toad off the table as well as the fourth toad, resulting in the final score after all 4 toads have been thrown at 4 points?

A discussion point if nothing less....

email your thoughts... lewestoadinthehole@gmail.com

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