Monday, 15 September 2014


Its going to be a special deal as the deadline passed by a couple of hours ago.
Hopefully all teams have got their registration forms and fee paid to the Toad HQ treasury...

There should be a deliberation of how the divisions measure up to another exciting season of Toad playing throughout the area, safe in the knowledge that neutral venues will not be included.

STAY TUNED for more news this week...

and just to keep you interested.. (in case you didn't get registered) perhaps there's someone out there who might want to start up the Annual Wheelbarrow race again..

1910  Wheelbarrow Race     by John Davey
The photograph was taken by Harry Bartlett at Library Corner (bottom of School Hill) on Whit Monday in 1910 and shows the start of the annual Wheelbarrow Race between the ‘champions’ of each of 2 pubs situated opposite one another in South Street – The Thatched House and The Fountain I think. The race had just one rule – that the wheel of the toy wheelbarrow must remain in contact with the road throughout – and the first one back to The Thatched House was declared the winner. The annual race ceased following the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914.

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