Thursday, 10 April 2014

they think its all over... well almost

Just a matter of playing the Finals of the Knock Out match and the doubles contest next week at the Royal Oak.
Toad HQ hope that all the numbers are now registered as closely as possible for those coming to Lewes next Monday.
Here's the latest communication from the Toad HQ courtesy of Dave and Sally....

Div1 Champs DCC

Wooden spoon (and relegated) Long Man Toadholers, 
Eights - Ian Moore (Laughing Fish) with 12

Div2 Champs (and definitely promoted) Brewers Arms

Wooden spoon (and relegated) Snowdrop, 
Eights Paul Hill (HMI) with 12

Div3 Champs (and definitely promoted) Rodmell

Wooden spoon ASBO, 
Eights Josh ........... (Rodmell). with 6

Congratulations, or commiserations, to the above, especially Rodmell, who went undefeated throughout the season, and to John Bines, as the Singles competition had to be played early due to bereavement.

All other issues of promotion and relegation cannot be addressed until next season, until we know which teams have entered for next season. As we keep saying to people, the ideal is 3 leagues of 8, but we won't know until next season whether the existing teams still want to play in the leagues, whether any of the neutral pubs have been inspired to form their own teams, of if there are any new teams out there who want to get involved. Who knows, we might be overwhelmed by a flood of newly formed teams, (pause to look out of window at flock of pigs flying by). The Royal Oak, Lewes have definitely entered, and we have had 2 more solid enquiries from West of Lewes teams.

Thank you all for your prompt return of results this year, and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next week, or next year.

Cheers Dave and Sally

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