Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Finals Night - Full Report and photos

It was a night to remember with all the thrills and drama that you'd expect from some top quality artisans playing this classic pub game.

1 Table of lead, 4 Toads of brass and 8 apparent balls of steel, the doubles contest kicked off the evening's proceedings with Tim and Ben (DCC) up against John and Shane (Chalk Pit) agreeing that a 'best of 7' legs decider would test the supreme champions. Little did we think it would go down to the wire as the lead changed several times, until it stood at 3 legs each and the seventh leg coin toss decided the start of the finale... top scores throughout, which tested both sides as for the first time toads were being picked from the floor. However, it was John and Shane who took the last leg and were victorious in their challenge.

Then came the battle of the toad titans... Rodmell, who had completed their season of 14 matches unbeaten Div 3 champions arrived here tonight having beaten off the competition on their route to the Team Knock Out cup. Their opposition, DCC, the Div 1 champions this season were determined to give them a good contest. The spectators were not disappointed as the first 2 singles games went to DCC. But the Rodmell weren't down yet, and the nerves were being tested as they took the third match and with the fourth singles match swinging back in favour of a 3 - 1 lead for DCC, there was a strategic break to decide on the doubles pairings. Wayne and his son Jake paired up for Rodmell and took on Andy and Tim for DCC, but once again the strength of nerve would see Rodmell take it to 3 legs despite the previous 2 legs going against the advantage of throwing first. Again, the toads were struggling to stay on the table as the rare sight of the players picking up off the floor was becoming an unnecessary distraction and adding to the frustration of all 4 players. But the Rodmell won that game and the score stood at 3:2.
Sean and Ben then took to the table with keen ambition against Dan and Josh who were also lifted by the victory of the first doubles game. But it seemed like DCC had another gear and set their sights on the hole of the lead. Scoring intensified and with little more to do but watch the final toad be thrown by Ben, hands were shaken between the teams as DCC walked triumphantly to win.

The Singles Knock Out cup had to be played the week previous at the same venue between Reg (Elly) and John (Stand Up Comics) and resulted in a win for John Bines.
Hopefully we'll be able to get a photo call for him soon for the record.

Remaining awards were presented to

DIV 3 - Wooden Spoon : ASBOs

DIV 3 - Highest Number of 8's champion : Josh (Rodmell)

DIV 3 - Champions : RODMELL

DIV 2 - Wooden Spoon : SNOWDROP

DIV 2 - Highest Number of 8's Champion: Paul Hill (HMI)

DIV 2 - Champions : BREWERS ARMS


no photo

DIV 1 - Highest Number of 8's Champion : Ian Moore (Laughing Fish)

no photo

DIV 1 - Champions : DCC

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