Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Final Results before the Christmas Break

Toad HQ have collated all the results in this week and can now provide you with a comprehensive overview of all the Divisions as well and the position of Eights league tables.
Here's a quick hot spot view of where the best places to score an Eight are.

But its going to be interesting for both Divisions 1 and 2 to see how many 8s are scroed on all the neutral tables that they will be played on from February next year.

But for the moment, Tim (DCC) leads on 6, James (Ellie), Stuart (Ram) and Shane (Chalk Pit) are all on 5 eights so far in Div 1 and Paul (HMI) now scored 4 in Div 2. Josh (Rodmell) has scored 4 this week and taken the lead for Div 3.

So now its the Christmas Party at Lewes Con Club next Monday 16th December... there's a request out for some tables to get there, as well as a raffle prize from each of the teams attending.

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