Sunday, 17 November 2013

KNOCK OUT Cup - Fixtures and Venues

Yes... the full fixture list for the Knock Out Cup has been published.
Competing Captains need to take their responsibility and contact both each other to confirm they have a team available to play and consider whether they want food provided. (there may be a charge made at some venues??), then contact the pub as soon as possible.

To avoid confusion and disappointment (in the case of the previous round match: ASBO v Vol match at the Trevor) ... make contact with the venue 24 hours prior to the match day to confirm all arrangements and take note of the person you speak to when you call the pub.

Trevor Arms v Strugglers at Red Lion
Brewers Arms v Elephant at Volunteer
Horny Lodgers v Rammit at Brewers
Chalk Pit v Volunteer at Elephant and Castle
Rodmell/ABOG v Laughing Toads (TBA)
DCC v Laughing Fish at Abergavenny
Snowdrop v STC at Trevor
Long Man T v HMI at Smugglers

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