Thursday, 31 October 2013

Week 4 results

Its that time of the week when Toad fans are tuning into the Blog site and checking out whether their Monday evening attempts to creep up the leader board have been worth while.
One game fell foul of the St Jude Storm that hit the power supply to South Chailey and caused the Horns Lodge to be plunged into darkness.
Meanwhile... there's been a call out to see if the Rammit Inn and Long Man Toadies have left the country? Dave the fixture and results guru has not received any news of their result.
Any clues, please get in contact...
And the 'Eights' Leader board is gradually gaining some new names week by week.

Its Bonfire time in Lewes, so unless there's any catch up games to be played next Monday 4th November, the 5th week of games will be played by Div 1 and Div 2 on the 11th Nov, whilst the teams in Div 3 will be playing their first round of the Knock Out Match on the same night.

Div 3 captains... please keep each other informed about arrangements and confirm with the host venue landlord/bar staff about your matches and agree whether food can be provided.

all contacts are listed on the Contacts Page

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