Sunday, 20 October 2013

More Toads for Sale!!

Having long been lauded as the Gold Standard when it comes to bespoke Toad Tables, GoodmanWood always felt that the quality of the actual Toads themselves left a little to be desired. No longer ! After literally weeks of research, development and continual tossing we are now ready to launch the ultimate in Brass tossing hardware.

5mm thick, 38mm in diameter and weighing in at a cool 45 grams a piece these beauties have to be seen to be believed. Machine tooled on every face and with the patented 'V groove' stabiliser fitted as standard to both sides we guarantee that these will improve your life. 10% fewer rim outs, 17% less edgy bouncers and 45% more bite on impact make these a must have for the professional or casual tosser alike. 

You've tried the rest now toss the best !

Available now to buy in sets of 4 for £20.00

Contact Simon on email -
mobile : 07970 971322

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