Tuesday, 8 October 2013

First match report of the season!

Whatever the Horns Lodge team had been taking over the summer months nearly saw the Trevor Arms get swept aside as the bell in the drawer of their Toad table kept ringing for most the night.

None more so than for their most accomplished player of the night, Jon, as he scored 2 consecutive 8s... in fact in the winning game he put the toad down the hole 14 times.... he certainly found the 'sweet' spot on the lead and was no match for his opponent Sayeed who was left in the fault-line that was left behind.
Jon celebrates his 17 toad game (14 toads down the hole)

A major re-think on strategy, Trevor Arms were biting at the heels of the home advantage of Horns Lodge and playing catch up from the first game. It went down to the very final throw of the third leg of the team game as having brought the scores level after the 2 doubles games, there was very little between the 2 teams...
With pizza greased hands, the Horns Lodge took to the oche and failed to get their final 6 points... Chris stepped up to seal the victory. A well challenged opener for the season and some good spirited games throughout the evening.

Now.... if there's any other match reports.....  send them in to lewestoadinthehole@gmail.com

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