Friday, 11 October 2013

Eastbourne Beer Fest - Toads contest

The 2013 Eastbourne Beer Festival was in full swing as Toad Tables were being hauled into position by 'hernia insured' team members, whilst the growing audience were exchanging beer for tokens. It was an Annual event which attracted a select mixture of Toad League teams alongside teams that were formed for the purpose of this annual event.

The event took on a different format this year compared with the usual 'find a team to beat' style of mayhem of recent years. It was decided that all teams would play each other and a league table would find the winner for the night.
ASBO, A Bunch of DCCs, Rodmell, Brass Monkeys, Long Man Toadholers, Trevor Arms played 'best of 3' legs over the following couple of hours and resulted in only the Rodmell and Trevor Arms losing one match. However this is where it became complicated as whilst Trevor Arms had won all their games in 2 straight legs with only 2 legs scored against them, they had lost to Rodmell in 2 straight legs. Meanwhile the Rodmell had lost to ASBO and had the same amount (if not more?) legs scored against them.

The Wizard Organisor (we all know who this was) cast a mathematical conundrum-like spell and concluded the winning cup went to the Rodmell despite there being a willingness by both teams to have a final play-off to decide the overall winner.
Word on the street is that Trevor Arms may be lodging a sobering appeal, in the cold light of day, to seek clarification as to how this result was come to.

More beer was supped as the Rodmell raised the cup aloft at the end of the evening.

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