Sunday, 19 May 2013


Just about to play your final scheduled games tonight (20th May), although aware that there are a few teams that are trying to get some catch up games played before FINALS NIGHT.....

When you send your scores to Dave, can every team also indicate your chosen  
BEST VENUE for FOOD VOTE...  remember its not your home venue... (and even the different Laughing Fish teams cannot vote for the Laughing Fish when they were playing an away fixture when it was in their own pub.)

FINALS Night on 3rd June at the ABERGAVENNY ARMS
there are plans to play a doubles contest during the course of the evening and would like to know if there are any teams able to take their table to Finals Night in Rodmell. Its hoped that we can get at least 6 tables to play on and also play the KNOCK OUT final on one of the tables.... yet to be decided.
****Please let John Wardle know if you can provide a table****

Can all Captains of teams please confirm their teams attendance at this event by again contacting John Wardle.

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