Sunday, 5 May 2013

Almost there...

May has arrived and along come another batch of results in.
The tables are also looking like there's going to be some interesting mid league positions to thrash out whilst there's a few catch up games to play.

Here's the list according to Toad HQ... some we know about being played and a few that there's still no indication when they're going to be played.

Already re-arranged matches
7/5   Cup Semi Lindfield Lobbers v Rammit In
DCC v Horny Lodgers Wk13

13/5 Laughing Fish B v Lindfield Lobbers Wk7
        ASBO v Sweeny Toads Wk9
    Chalk Pit v Laughing Toads Wk18

15/5   Lindfield Lobbers v Volunteer Wk14

27/5 Bucks v T Abergavenny Wk1

Other games needing arranging!
Wk12 Bucks v Volunteer
    Chalk Pit v Laughing Fish A
    Bucks v Smugglers
Wk 17 Bucks v Sweeny Toads

The EIGHTS contest is starting to show some last minute flourishes... Shane (Chalk Pit) now taking a commanding lead with 11 eights now scored with his nearest rival Matt (Ram) on 8 EIGHTS.
There's 3 equal leads in Div 2 with Jake (Aber), Paul (HMI) and Wayne (Aber) all on 5 EIGHTS.

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