Monday, 15 April 2013

Toads Crossing!!

Its catch up Monday.... and there's 5 matches planned this evening.

However, Toad HQ have just sent out info on all the outstanding matches that are both planned and unplanned.
3 matches on 13th May
Laughing Fish B V Lindfield Lobbers
ASBO V Sweeny Toads
Chalk Pit V Laughing Toads

and another match planned  on 27th May
Bucks V T Abergavenny

More Importantly.....
So see below the list of matches that need to be arranged in what little time is available....

Any of these that have been planned, can you please let Dave know at Toad HQ as soon as possible.

Bucks v Volunteer

DCC v Horny Lodgers

Chalk Pit v Laughing Fish A

Volunteer v HMI

Bucks v Smugglers

Sweeny Toads v Laughing Fish B

Lindfield Lobbers v Volunteer

Nellies v Bucks

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