Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Sir Ranulf Feinnes Explorers Award goes to....

Well, the Snow started to cause some disruption to matches last night.
We know of 2 matches that were unable to be played due to Arctic conditions yesterday evening... the Trevor Arms were unable to travel out to Isfield in order to play the Laughing Toads and the HMI didn't manage to get into Lewes to play the Volunteer. Seems like the DCC and Horny Lodgers were unable to get their game played, by mutual consent also.
Also reported... Laughing Fish A had to stay put and not take a trip out to see John and the Chalk Pit....

However Toad HQ have been impressed with Mike  Hole and the 'Rammin It' lads who are being nominated for the 'Sir Ranulf Feinnes Toad Explorers Award', after their valiant venture from Firle to Polegate last night. They were unable to get through at the Drusilla's roundabout and headed to Berwick and caught a train into Polegate. It took a 90 min journey both ways and for their efforts ended up beating the Long Man Toadholers 6 : 1
Unless anyone knows different, this journey in the snow (which some people might consider foolhardy) will be recorded as the most committed venture to play a game to date (this season). Unless you know differently.

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