Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Outstanding Matches to play

We've turned a corner and now start the second half of the season.... we know its a long haul until June, but the fixtures secretary wants to keep on the case and ensure we don't get too far adrift with games that are behind schedule. We know that some teams have already re-arranged dates to play, but here are the list of what's currently to play.

Mon 1st Oct Match 1
Bucks v Team Aber

Mon 8th Oct Match 2 

Team Aber v Volunteer

Mon 22nd Oct Match 3
HMI v Team Aber

Mon 29th Oct Match 4
Lindfield Lobbers v Team Aber

Mon 12th Nov Match 5
Bucks v Laughing Fish B

Mon 7th Jan Match 7
Laughing Fish B v Lindfield Lobbers

Sweeny Toads v Bucks

Mon 21st Jan Quarters Cup
Laughing Toads v Long Man Toadholers at The Roebuck, Laughton

Mon 28th Jan Match 9
ASBO v Sweeny Toads Post to May 13

Mon 11th Feb Match 10
Laughing Toads v DCC Post to April 15

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