Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Another Week... another set of RESULTS & TABLES

Toad HQ are happy to report on all matters in the world of Toads.....
There are some new statistics coming out of the EIGHTS Contest.
It seems some tables are looking easier to get 8s than others.
Whilst Matt (Ram) is still leading Div 1 with 7 x 8s and Billy B (Sweeny T) with 4 x 8s in Div 2 here are the best tables to think about scoring your away 8s...

Div 1
Laughing Fish     23
Snowdrop      13
Trevor Arms     8
DCC (Cons)    8
Ram     8

Div 2
Volunteer    6
Laughing Fish    5
Smugglers    2
Roebuck    2
HMI    2

There's a suggestion coming from Toad HQ that a summer tour of as many Toad tables to test out how difficult or easy the tables are in the area for getting EIGHTS!!

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