Thursday, 10 January 2013

Decorations put Away... now where are those Toad Results!

A message from your fixtures Secretaryat Toad HQ...

Hi All, and a happy new year to ane an' a' (or one and all to those needing subtitles), or at least, a happy new new year to those of you who started by playing your match and then sending the result in. We could have sent these results out on Tues, but we hung on waiting for the last game!!! Now, sorry if we've made a mistake, but we've gone back through Sally's mobile record, we've trolled through both sets of emails and gazed forlornly at our answerphone and can't find anything from Snowdrop and Horny Lodgers, and Sweenys sat and gazed forlornly at their table on Monday waiting for the Bucks.
So we've deducted 5 points from Bucks and await news from the others in case we've made a mistake. All captains, please can you let us know your results asap after matches, both captains, or let us know if you postpone AND when the replay is!
We hope all teams in the 2nd round of the Cup have spoken to their opposite number and to the pub venue.
Now, where were we? Oh yes, happy new year to the rest of you: moan over!

Check the relevant pages for results and tables....

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