Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Closer to Crowning King Toad!

It was a hard fought and nervous encounter last night, in both the Volunteer and the Laughing Fish. The atmosphere was set amongst some early signs of Christmas decorations which did not distract from the Toad playing.

With high scoring regularity, every small piece of lead came under intense interrogation as the toads somersaulted into the hole... the crowds, with sore hands from applauding the number of 8s being scored, felt they were witnessing something special.

But there would be only 2 victors to go forward and competing for the title of King Toad this season, as they dispatched some regular finalists from years past on their way.
Tim (DCC) will be playing against the notoriously sharp-eyed Shane (Chalk Pit) in the final later in the season.

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