Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sorry - No 8's in the CUP MATCHES

Amidst the excitement of Monday nights Knock Out Cup matches, there was mention in some venues that 8's scored on Cup nights would count towards their tally of 8's.... for the season to win the 'Ron Coleman highest number of 8s in a season Trophy'.

Alas, after delving into some archive ruling in October 2011, we found the official line given as...

"There will now be an annual trophy presented to players from all the 3 divisions who score the most '8's in a season during the league fixtures.
It is the responsibility of the AWAY team captain to inform the Fixtures Secretary [by phone (01323-520977), text (07961645959) or email ( )] of any '8's scored by team members in an away league match."
As you know, this season, there are only 2 divisions, but the ruling remains the same as there have been no counter-proposals to challenge this.

So apologies for those who's belief was different but its back to league only counts of away table scored 8's from here on...

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