Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Knock Out Cup - exclusive

There was an opportunity last night to catch some of the action either side of the A27 between Glynde and Firle, As The Rammit In were playing Sweeny Toads at the Trevor Arms and the Long Man Toadholers were set against the Snowdrop at the Ram.

All 4 teams, in this Preliminary round, arrived in good positive spirit and took to the neutral tables without too much problem. Only but a few wayward throws for the Rammit In boys meant that they were setting a commanding lead by the end of the 4 singles games with no legs dropped.
Basics for a good Toad contest

chips or toads?

everyone concentrates

The concentration on the spectators' faces were a clear indication of how much this match meant to the pride of their playing capabilities.

The match was beyond recovery for Sweeny Toads who accepted defeat at the hands of their competitors in true sportsman-like manner.
Beer, toad table and a good view

Meanwhile, over the road, there was a closer contest being played. The singles round had resulted in the Long Man and Snowdrop sharing 2 games each and the tough selection of pairs was adding to the quiet atmosphere. It seemed like many of the games had been played over 3 tightly played legs.

A shooting toad onto lead

Maurice takes aim.... watch the arc of the toad... into the hole

It was becoming a trial of nerves, as scores of 6's and 7's were followed by zero by each of the partners. More consistency would have been recommended at this stage, but alas, the Snowdrop were feeling the pressure a little more than the Long Man, even though both teams were being reduced to throw 1's,  to win the leg, several times. By the end of the second doubles match, Snowdrop had been boxed into a tight corner and meant that Long Man were winners on the night.

But the Snowdrop lifted their game for the final 4-man team game and managed to win this game resulting in a 4 - 3 win for Long Man Toadholers.

Sorry we were unable to report on the other 2 matches of the night, however watch out, your turn may come soon.

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