Monday, 3 September 2012

Toad AGM - a classic experience

The 2012 Toads AGM was something, for those who were there, exposed to some stimulating debates and riveting discussions in the most bizarre environments you could imagine.
The content of the meeting will be reported shortly, however the Chair took to his new role with a cool head... but loud voice.. why?
well the Snowdrop venue had their jazz evening booked prior to our meeting which meant that around 8.30 the cool combo (downstairs) struck up a selection of classic tunes.
The volume of debate was raised, only for the sake of being heard over the music, rather than each other.
After around 40 minutes the best proposal of the evening came from the committee to say that we had a beer break and re-convened in the beer garden.
The second half of the meeting was then held with most of the congregated attendees standing around John and the other committee members. Lucky that John had his illuminated reading glasses on.
It made for a very swiftly debated second half as although it was a pleasant balmy evening, the desire to conclude the meeting and head back to people's respective venues to report back the outcome of the debates became a priority.

Stay tuned for the full report in due course.
It seems we are still in need of some new teams to join the league, so go find some other pubs that want to play in the league.

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